After our post the other day on why you dont need high capcity flash memory cards for your camera we are now bringing you a 2TB SD card.

Fresh from CES over in the USA comes the latest developments with flash memory. Since 32GB doesnt seem to be enough storage for people anymore this new standard SDXC which stands for Secure Digital Extened Copy and will store upto 2TB. We guess that when they say 2TB they will slowly build up too the 2TB mark and wont just place it straight into the marketplace.

A 2TB SD card could be another 2 years down the line as at the moment 32GB seems to be the largest capacity you can get in any flash media type. How much can you store on 2TB well well around 4,000 images in raw format or 17,000 Jpeg format. Think that should just cover my lifetime of photography and will keep the SD card alive for a long time after other formats come and go.

Recently Canon took a big step in sealing the SD card’s future by swaping from Compact Flash to SD cards for most of its digital cameras. Is this Canon fore seeing the future in the flash memory market or just been a pain.

Secure Digital Extended Capacity 2TB

Secure Digital Extended Capacity 2TB

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