I have just recently bought a lovely Sony DCS W300 digital camera and overall I am really impressed with it as it’s so light and stylish and a great fit to just slip into my pocket.
Since the Sony DCS W300 is capable of using a 16GB DUO PRO memory stick. I thought it would be a shame not to use the full capabilities of the W300.
After a quick browse on the net I found a 16GB Duo Pro memory stick for just over £100 including delivery.

The new Nokia N96 features an amazing amount of memory with up to 16GB on a micro SD card. This multimedia phone is set to become popular with its stylish looks and great price.

The Nokia N96 will be a real competitor in the music market and with so many other features like the intelligent GPS, built in hands free and even TV out you can guarantee its popularity. A standby time for this Nokia phone is quoted at upto 220 hours with talk time of approaching 4 hours so this phone will not let you down power wise.

We are amazed at the internal 16GB of memory that the Nokia N96 offers.

Falling prices in the Flash Memory sector have hit manufacturer SanDisk hard in 2008 – their share price has dropped over 50% in the last six months and it looks like a takeover big from Samsung is on the cards. Samsung’s official comment is “We are looking at various opportunities regarding SanDisk, but nothing has been decided yet”, but with the company paying SanDisk more than US$350 million per year in licensing fees an acquisition would represent a big saving for Samsung, in addition to dramatically increasing their production capacity at a time when economies of scale are all-important in the memory sector.

Toshiba, it seems, could be a thorn in Samsung’s side though. Toshiba lag well behind Samsung in production capacity and wouldn’t like their rival to pull even further ahead, so a spoiler bid could be on the cards, Reuters reports.

The impact on consumers is hard to predict at this stage. Tosh buying SanDisk could help competition and lead to chip prices falling even further. On the other hand a Samsung acquisition would consolidate even more power in the Korean firm’s hands and might put them in to a position to start dictating prices to the market. We’ll have to wait and see.

The rapid development of printing technology means the ability to create larger graphically intensive documents is at every-body’s finger tips. A printer can quite easily be a bottleneck and reduce productivity if it has a lack of memory. A print job should not take so long that you have to stand at the printer and wait for your documents while other people have yet more documents waiting in the print que.

If this happens to you, you need a memory upgrade. The larger the amount of printer memory that you have the better your printing capability. With an increase in print memory you will be able to print at a better quality (higher resolution).

Finding the right printer memory is not the easiest of tasks, there are many online DRAM manufacturers.