I recently bought a Canon 450D Digital SLR and it came bundled with an 8GB Sandisk II ultra SDHC. Now usual I don’t bother putting the camera software on to my pc as I’m always worried it will slow it down or cause an issue elsewhere. So with my old Sony P200 I just removed the memory stick put it into my 8-1 card reader and hey presto up pops a new window saying I have inserted a memory stick.
So I took a few shots with my new Canon 450D and then I scuttled of to the computer to check out the few test shots I had taken. In goes the memory card and nothing happens PC grinds to a halt and eventually pops up an I/O error.
Now I know that faulty memory cards are few and far between and since it worked in my new Canon 450D I was even more puzzled.
It turns out after a bit of research on the internet that as standard windows XP doesn’t support SDHC cards. I tried 2 different patches from Microsoft, but none seemed to help the card in my 8-1 card reader. A couple of forums said that you might need a specific card reader that is SDHC compatible.
after spending about 1hr trawling the internet for various solutions I gave up and headed towards the Canon 450D box in hope that the cd would have the driver file or would allow me to do a custom install and just install the drivers.
As luck would have it the installation CD would allow a custom install and allow you to just select the drivers only. After a tiny install the camera now gets detected by windows XP and I can happily transfer my images.


8GB Sandisk II ultra SDHC

8GB Sandisk II ultra SDHC


ATP EarthDrive is the first recyclable USB Flash Drive, designed using as many biodegradable products as possible in the manufacturing process.
The ATP Earth drive was in the design process for years ensuring its claim to fame would remain true.
Coming in 4GB starting at £14 and 8GB at £20 the EarthDrive soon might get left behind in such a fast moving market place.

8GB EarthDrive - Recyclable Flash Drive

8GB EarthDrive - Recyclable Flash Drive

Gone are the days of giving a mix tape to your love one. But guess what their making a comeback but with a slight twist.
The Cassette is just a case for the USB flash Drive that is held within. This is a great idea and could really take off but the only problem we have found is that the USB stick is only 64MB which should hold 1hr of high quality audio files  which at 4Mb per MP3 file is only 16 Songs.
The C60 mix tape has another novel idea which you can write the playlist on the packaging just like a real cassette sleeve.

Mix Tape USB Drive

Mix Tape USB Drive


Kingston where once the company that claimed flash drives would reach 128GB by the year 2010. It seems this day is very close and will come alot sooner than they expected.
Kingston have always done great flash drives and this is no exception the design is out standing and really makes it stick out from the rest of the USB flash drives on the market.
The DataTraveler comes in both 64GB and 32GB.

Kingston 64gb Data Traveler

Sandisk announced a few months back a new 16GB Micro SDHC card to be released, which is now been put into production by Toshiba who are also making a SD card version.
There’s also an 8GB version which will be available in Japan next month for around £50 the 16GB will retail for around £100 in April 2009.
There is no news as of yet when and if these cards will be available out of Japan.

Toshiba 16GB SDHC

The LG Vaccine is the world’s first USB memory pen with Anti Virus Anti malware built in to protect your PC from all the nasty’s that lurk on other peoples PC’s and downloaded content from the internet.

The LG Vaccine monitors incoming traffic for viruses and malware and deals with them in the appropriate manor.

The Vaccine will come with 2 years free protection for the software. Its ideal for a guy who travels a lot and uses a lot of different PC’s but for the home user this is slightly more protection than is needed as a good anti-virus will pick and virus’s up.

The 16GB LG Vaccine costs £39.99 on the internet


LG Vaccine



In a market that’s already flooded with cheaper versions of similar products how do you make product a top seller?
Well you take one of your tried and tested products and just make it smaller.
This is exactly what Corsair have done with their old flash voyager which is now the voyager mini.
Most of you will of heard of corsair and more than likely have used their memory in your pc whether you know it or not, as they are one of the largest memory manufactures.
The voyager mini is half the length of the old flash voyager and a lot thinner too. The USB connection at the end is retractable to aid protect but making it even smaller.
The Mini still has that rubber texture to the outside and comes in 4GB and 8GB sizes

Corsair Flash Voyager Mini

The SanDisk Wii Memory card is aimed specificly at the Nintendo Wii, as this memory card gives high performance read/write times, so you get the most from your Wii and aren’t left waiting around for games to save.
The SanDisk 2.0GB Wii memory card costs around £6 on the net, which is to us doesn’t seem that expensive for a 2GB memory card as we would expect a premium price to be put on this product.

Read Speed: 20x (3MB Per Sec)
Write Speed: 20x (3MB Per Sec)
Includes Protective plastic Case
Dimensions: 24mm x 32mm x 2.1mm


sandisk 2.0gb wii sd memory card.jpg



The Lexar Flash drive is a great little flash drive as it has a 10 bar LCD capacity meter that will display available storage even when not connected to a laptop or PC.
The JumpDrive comes in 2GB 4GB and 16GB which costs around £50 on the net.

Any of the Lexar JumpDrives come with advance security features that allow you to password protect and make data secure using 256-bit AES encryption so that it can’t be recovered.