The Nitro 1TB 2.5″ sata drive is manufactured by a company called pureSilicon, you might not of heard of them now but big things could happen for them. They took the Nitro 1TB SDD to CES last week. Other than a high capacity the nitro also offers low power consumption at 4w active and 0.1w on idle and a write speed of 215MB/s a read speed of 240 MB/s. You can fit up to 4 of these little SSD drives in the same space that you would fit one 3.5″ drive so that’s 4TB of storage enough for anyone. There’s one small issue at the moment though the Nitro 1TB is to thick to fit in Laptops and other portables, so you’re probably going to have to wait till the second generation before they’ll be in your laptop. Nitro 1TB SSD Nitro 1TB SSD

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